Visual Monitoring

Clever Clicking

Alyvix is an open source APM software tool for visual monitoring

Get Started with Alyvix 3.5.0 Latest Features

Eyes and hands like a human.

With a stopwatch. And tireless.

Build end-user bots visually interacting with any Windows application like ERPs or your favorite browser. Run and measure business-critical workflows like a human would, but continuously.

Measure end-user experiences: Alyvix records the click-to-appearance responsiveness of each transaction. Create reports on IT service quality to support technical and business actions.

Visual Test Cases

Visually define end-user workflows: Alyvix Editor lets you build test cases in a visual way, interaction after interaction

Any Windows Application

Automate any GUI-based (even streamed) Windows application: Alyvix works by processing screen frames, without being hardwired to APIs

End-User Bots

Run visual test cases that interact with a machine just as a real user would: Alyvix uses the mouse and keyboard just like a person does

Transaction Measurement

Measure transaction time click-to-appearance: Alyvix measures how long each transaction takes to complete after the previous interaction

Latency and Downtime

Record the availability and responsiveness of each transaction: Alyvix allows you to monitor the performance of end-user experiences

IT Service Quality

Alyvix provides demonstrable and indisputable proof with annotated screenshots whenever the visual response times out

Visual Transaction Definition

The first step to automating end-user workflows is to visually define their transactions, and Alyvix Editor gives you all the tools you need. Just point and click to select GUI components from an application view and create a task step in your Alyvix test case. For each component you can set up its type (image, rectangle or text), its actions (mouse and keyboard) and its click-to-appearance time thresholds (warning, critical and timeout).

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Test Case Building

Having created the task steps, you can drag and drop them into the scripting panel in order to compose the desired end-user workflow, creating an Alyvix visual test case consisting of a sequence of visual transactions. Conditionals and loops help implement more complex logic.

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Test Case Execution

The Alyvix Robot CLI tool runs visual test cases saved as .alyvix files: this command executes end-user bots that reproduce recorded end-user workflows. The resulting performance transaction measures are displayed both in the CLI and saved as human readable output files, with annotated screenshots that provide demonstrable and indisputable proof in case of failure.

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Performance Monitoring

The end goal is to visualize trends over time with dashboards showing your end-user workflow performance. The data for this is drawn from regularly and continuously scheduled test cases, integrating their output into your own monitoring system and, finally, analysing latency and downtime to assess IT service quality. Contact us if you need support in building test cases, or their integration or maintenance.

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Point and click definition and setup of end-user transactions
Visual autocontour selection of transaction components
Specific image, rectangle or text detection settings
Regex and maps logic for visual scraping of text strings
Drag and drop test case building, no coding required
Critical, warning and timeout click-to-appearance thresholds
Fail, exit and custom test case transaction groups
A single human readable file as a visual test case
Computer vision algorithms to run end-user bots
Precise and accurate measures as CLI output
Demonstrable and indisputable screenshot proof
FLOSS licensed under GNU General Public License v3