Visual Synthetic Monitoring

This is the official documentation of Alyvix.

Alyvix is a synthetic monitoring system based on computer vision. Alyvix synthesizes real users without being hardwired to application engines.

  • Alyvix automates any application, interacting with GUIs exactly as a human would do.

  • Alyvix measures all transactions and visualizes their performances in your monitoring system.

  • Alyvix reports HTML pages containing the details of each test case step.

Alyvix provides certifications on user perceived quality of IT services. Alyvix certifies that users are able to successfully complete a certain application task.

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Use case examples

Alyvix automates and measures Outlook through Citrix and RDWebAccess:

_images/alyvix_citrix_outlook_20170606.gif _images/alyvix_rdwa_outlook_20170606.gif

Alyvix automates and measures Word through Citrix and RDWebAccess:

_images/alyvix_citrix_word_20170606.gif _images/alyvix_rdwa_word_20170606.gif

System requirements


  • 1 virtual or physical machine, exclusively dedicated to serially run a number of Alyvix test cases

  • 2 or more machines are needed to run parallel test cases or to geographically distribute them

  • recommended screen resolution: 1280x720 HD or 1280x800 WXGA


  • screen color depth: 24bit RGB or 32bit RGBA

  • OS: Windows 64bit 10, 8, 7 Server 2012 or Server 2016

  • WinOS 32bit versions are not compatible