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Key Concepts Around Alyvix

Open Source Application Performance Monitoring

What is Application Performance Monitoring about and why should I rely on an open source solution?

What is Application (Performance) Monitoring ?

As Application Monitoring or Application Performance Monitoring (APM) the control of performance and availability of applications is intended.

The aim of this monitoring approach is to use the obtained performance data to ensure and improve user satisfaction. Potential problems should be discovered at an early stage (immediately when they arise) so that an immediate reaction is possible. Through the usage of an appropriate application monitoring tool, you are able to know about eventual restrictions BEFORE actual users might experience long load times or other performance issues.  If nobody is affected by an application performance problem, there never was an application performance problem, isn’t it?

Gartner defined Application Performance Monitoring (APM) as one or more software or hardware components to monitor the following dimensions:

  • End-User Experience Monitoring (EUM)
  • Runtime Application Architecture Discovery Modeling and Display
  • User-Defined Transaction Profiling
  • Component Deep-Dive Monitoring in Application Context
  • Analytics

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Why is Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Such Important?

In the age of the cloud, the optimization of user experience is of great importance. Users expect applications to work faultlessly independent of time, location and device. If you want to meet the expectations of your users, a precise and continuous application monitoring strategy is indispensable.

It is important to consider that through the usage of cloud-services, the interactions among application, network and server infrastructure become multilayered. Therefore, guaranteeing high application performance becomes even more complex.

Open Source Application Performance Monitoring with Alyvix

In the field of IT monitoring, many companies prefer open source solutions. The decision for an open source application performance monitoring tool, may derive from various considerations:

  • Freedom: Advantages like no vendor lock-in, free usage of the software and the following of the open source philosophy come to bear.
  • Openness: The access to the entire source code of the software is allowed. On the one hand, this provides the possibility of independent bug fixing. On the other hand, it means also a high degree of flexibility in terms of customization and individual extension of the software.
  • Technical Quality: Open Source stands for high quality and reliability thanks to continuous developments and enhancements through the open source community.
  • Another reason may be the possibility to use and test the software prior to its definite implementation within an enterprise.

Application Performance Monitoring with Alyvix provides you all advantages of a modern open source solution. The application monitoring occurs through the continuous simulation of transaction sequences (equal as if a real user would perform them). In this way, suddenly occurring deviations from normal operation can be recognized immediately and removed directly.

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